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Established in 2006, with 15 years of endeavor, Shijiazhuang Pro-Gear Trading Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading outdoor garment and pet apparel manufacturer and exporter in the North of China.

Innovation, High quality, attractive design is our aim.

Pro-Gear exports to EU, USA, Russia, Asia and Pacific countries.

Capacity: We can manufacture 100K pcs garment monthly in two wholly-owned garments factories,
4 majority holding plants, and numbers of reliable partners and subcontractors.

Creation: Professional design team and advanced 2D pattern technology and 3D modeling with high-quality rendering

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Main Features
PRO-GEAR has local and overseas production bases to meet different kind of client’s requirements.
We have two local factories - one is with 100 workers and another one about 200 workers.
At the same time we have partner factories who have reliable relationship and trust each other.

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Main Products


Dog Trainer Collection
Intend to present the best clothing for dog owners, we create collection with combination of smart and functional, high quality with fashionable.
With more than 25-years' experience of garment manufacturing we are confident to make the dog trainer enjoy every day with his/her best friends. Either they are going for walking or have some fun together.
Our collection take care all the features, which make you never missing anything, snacks, doggy poo bags, harness and toys. All can be properly located on garment.


Training Accessories
We extend training collection from wear to accessories in order to meet customer’s individual needs. Including multifunctional waist belt, functional treat bags, waste bags and so on.

We highly concern about using high performance material to make our collection comfortable and durable.


Pets Accessories
On land
Mats, blankets and beds
On HE on SHE
Harness, collar, leash, rope and so on
On Air
Training Clicks, Toys Etc


Outdoor Dog Wear
Poochie never speaks our language, but we really understand our best friends. We know how to take care their need and protect our precious friends in all conditions.

We use functional fabric, such as anti-static, anti-bacteria, Hivi, waterproof, reflective, cooling and heating to make them comfortable in all weathers like we do for human.