Dog Apparel Warm Dog Sweater Knitted Pullover


New Arrivals
*Warm, soft, and most comfortable dog sweater.
*High elasticity pet knitwear.
* Cute and elegant pattern.
*Unique and variety of light point to rich and colorful products for free choice.




Product Detail

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The core technical
*Unique design on the aspects of  Jacquard and Embroidered, decoration of trimming like pearls, silver Thread insert, fluffy to rich the product's content.

Basic Data
Description: Dog Knitwear

Model No.: SWT001
Shell material: Reflective woven tape
Gender: Dogs
Size: 40-50/45-55/55-65/65-75/75-85/85-95

Key features

* Soft and good touching. This pullover is tightly knitted which can keep your pet warm in extreme weather like snowy days.

*This pet sweater for dogs is still with high elasticity. It allows you to put it on without much effort.

*Comfortable high-neck design can keep your pet's neck warm as well. It is also highly stretchable, so our four-legged friends can walk or run freely without any uncomfortable.

*Good and unique pattern, your cutie can be more adorable.


*Is made of high-grade thin yarn, soft and good touching, with highly stretchable.



Easy to care for:

* High-quality raw material-yarn and workmanship, this pullover is very strong, and not easy to tear off. The key point is very easy to care for, and machine washable as well.


* In order to maintain good shape, we recommend hand washing and not strong laundry detergent or bleach.

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