1.What we are ?
A large scale garment and pets production manufacturer and exporter in North of China.
2.What’s foundation date (year only)?
Established in 2006,with 15 years endeavor.
3.Where we are? How to visit us ?
Office address:No.90,Huai'An East Road,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China.
You can fly to Beijing International Air Port, we will pick you up.Welcome to visit us!
4.What’s our mainly export regions?
Europe, North America , South America, Japan, Korea , Russia.
5.What’s the numbers of workers (office and factories separately)?
Office workers : 65 ;Factories : 1720
6.What’s turnover by USD ?
US Dollar 20 million
7.What’s the capacity of manufacture ?
100K pcs garment monthly
8.What’s the type of product?
*Dog Trainer Collection -functional,well-fitting,high quality clothing for dog owners, they are jacket ,pants , vest,wait belt,overall ,suits ,winter parka;ladies shirt.
*Training Accessories-function waist belt, functional treat bags, waste bags,Puppy Training Pouch,Pet Accessories Training Clicker
*Pets Collection-Pet Apparel like dog vest , dog coat, dog jacket , dog Hoodies, Dog parka ,dog raincoat ,dog sport clothing ,pet garments,dog collar,dog leash,dog harness.We use functional fabric, such like anti-static, anti-bacteria, Hivi, waterproof, reflective, cooling and heating to make them comfortable in all weathers like we do for human.
*Pets Accessories-Mats, blankets and beds;Harness, collar, leash, rope;Training Clicks, Toys Etc
9.What’s Lead-time for making samples?
7-10 days if materials are available
10.How we can sent your expected samples ?
  1. By Express DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX,but sample delivery charge is paid by you.
11.What’s MIN order quantity per style ?
MOQ: 1000 PCS per style.
12.What’s our sampling facilities?
Auto-stitching machine :12 sets
Flat lock machine:1 set 
Chain three-needle stitch machine :1set 
Over-lock machine: 1set
button machine :1 set 
Bartack machine:1 set 
button holing machine:1 set
Bind piping machine :1 set 
Press printing machine:1 set 
Seam tape machine :2 sets 

Cutting bed: 1 set 

13.What’s our quality Control System- AQL level in production?
AQL 2.5
14.What’s our Social Compliance Certificates?
15.What’s our proud and special strong points ?
*Huge R &D energy 
Own design team (one professional person in Germany and 4 person in China)
Material sourcing and analytical team -persist in product design innovation from raw material to function creation
3D Digital Service Platform for Garment to speed up style development , create 2D to 3D virtual reality. 
*Own lab 
2 sets of washing machine;1set of color Controller ;Electronic Scale,Y571B rubbing fastness tester , fabric water permeability tester ,electronic farbic strength tester ;fabric water-repellent tester.
*Professional sales team
Help customers purchase suitable products and offer customers with best solutions so that they can win more business growth in all directions.
16.What’s our Tech-Connection.
3M-a trusted name in reflective material technology.
PRIMALOFT-The world’s best down alternative.
37.5 Technology-7.5 °C  the ideal core body temperature for comfort and performance. 
ECO-friendly -polyester recycled ,nylon recycled.
HyperKewl™ Evaporative cooling material 
Polycotton based phosphorescent material with reflective tape 
17.Can your price be flexible?
We do offer you high-quality products at a reasonable price. But if your order quantity is considerable enough, we may provide an extra discount.
18.How can I get your quotation ?
Welcome to contact us via email , even other chat APP, like whatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, wechat and so on .