How to protect our four-leg friend to be seen in any light ?

Daily routines become second nature for dog owners. Our dogs need to go out, so we go out, often not thinking about how much light there is outside. In this case , visibility and safety become particularly challenging and per-requisite.
The three levels of visibility fluorescence fabric
This type of technology absorbs and re-emits light energy immediately , to increase visibility in daylight. These fabric make the wearer more conspicuous against the surrounding background .Fluorescence is a type of Photo luminescence similar to Photo luminescence but instead of storing UV energy the molecules in the fabrics light at a specific wavelength and emitting light at a longer wavelength .
Fluorescence products
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Retro -reflectivity
Retro-reflective materials use either microscopic glass beads or plastic prisms to reflect light back to the source. The source is usually vehicle headlights . there types of materials will bounce light back at a range of angles to make the wear visible in the dark .This technology relies on a light source to work. 3M is a pioneer in developing the science behind retro- reflection and has been advancing the technology in new and groundbreaking ways for over 70 years.It is a trusted name in reflective material technology.
A wide variety of safety-enhancing products-3M reflective tape
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Reflective revolution- Phosphorescence
Phosphorescent material absorb UV light energy from either natural or artificial light ,which is then re-emitted as an afterglow in low light and dark conditions.The pigments used in Vizlite DT phosphorescent have been formulated to a patent-pending recipe to ensure a quick charging time 5-10 minutes, a strong level of afterglow brightness , extensive wash performance ,and a long afterglow lasting up to 8 hours.
3M Retro -reflectivity and phosphorescence product

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