What ‘s our green edition Eco-friendly collection ?

Environmental protection first !
Green is the color of life;regeneration and environmental protection are the continuation of life!
Green environmental protection is the responsibility and mission of a company !
Sustainable development is Future!
Unfortunately, our timing is bad because mankind has already made huge damage to Earth.
Sustainable development should have always been our path. Now it is our only path; we are under great pressure not to make any more mistakes otherwise we will lose our planet.
In order to succeed, all of us should be aware of this. Every person can make impact with small choices, like choosing eco-friendly textile.

What is kind of Eco-Friendly material ?
Recycled polyester
Ocean recycled polyester
Recycled Nylon
Organic cotton, BCI cotton,
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What’s the process from recycled material to pet wear
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Our Eco-friendly clothes
Our Eco-friendly clothes are made from organic raw material that are grown without pesticides .This reduces damage to the environment, animals and peoples health .
Our Eco-clothes are made using recycled textiles ,or plastics, saving on waste,landfill
Space and the amount of raw materials used .
No harmful chemicals and bleaches-which can cause long-term damage to people health and the environment-are used in the production of Eco-clothes.
Our Eco-friendly Collection
Training vest Men
Material : recycled soft shell fabric
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Dog training jacket women
Material : Recycled polyester
Function: dog professional training +reflective
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While it may seem like a small step, choosing products made with recycled materials is a positive step for the health and well-being of dogs, people and the planet.
How to certificate our ECO-Friendly clothes
GRS certificate
Eco-Friendly hang tag
Eco-friendly label
Let us protect environment and hug our planet friendly !

Post time: Nov-02-2021