Pet apparel outdoor dog evaporative cooling vest


Our cooling vest provides an effective cooling effect for our wagging friends in hot weather.
Simply soak the vest in cold water, squeeze the water out, and then it’s ready for cooling.

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The root and Importance
Our puppy’s body temperature naturally rises when he gets excited ,stressed or has exercised ,especially in hot condition weather ,so it needs to get rid of the extra heat . so a safe and comfortable cooling gear is the most important.
The core technical
The HyperKewl cooling technical is optimization on our cooling pets products.
HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling material utilize a unique chemistry to achieve rapid absorption and stable water storage.
Basic Data
Description: Evaporative cooling vest
Model No.:  HDV001
Shell material:  3D mesh
Gender: Dogs
Size: 40-50/45-55/55-65/65-75/75-85/85-95

Key features
It is safe for our four-leg friend , because it mimics our body’s natural cooling process.
HyperKewl thin inner layer’s microfibers’ remarkable absorption power
The vest’s three-dimensional mesh fabric directs airflow,causing moisture to evaporate from the cooling layer,
Cooling reaction during exercise
It is designed to cover the areas of dog’s body that the cooling effect spreads throughout the body
Light weight ,easy to active and breathable comfort
Nice string adjustable at bottom

Illustration :

HDV001 (9)

HDV001 (10)

HDV001 (12)

HDV001 (8)

*Soft fabric binding at collar
*elastic binding at front legs
* front placket with binding + tape adjustable
*reflective cut tape at chest to protect our four-leg friend in the dark.
* string stopper adjustment at vest bottom
*Out shell: 3D mesh fabric
*HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling thin inner layer
*cooling mesh inner layer
*Back : good brand zipper with reflective function
* Reflective cut tape at front leg to protect our four-leg friend in the dark light .

How to use
1.Soak the cooling vest in clean water for 2-3 minutes
2.Gently squeeze out the excess water
3.The cooling vest is ready to wear!
Colorway :
ljk (2)ljk (1)
In accordance with the Öko-Tex-standard 100.
HyperKewl cooling technical
3D Virtual reality

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