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This dog poop bag holder is one member of our open-air collection, dog leash waste bag holder matching dog leash, very useful and functional design.



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The core technical
*This dog poop bag holder is designed for an attached dog leash, very practical and convenient.

*With hook and loop fastener design.

* Made from soft, comfortable, and breathable 3D air meash
Basic Data
Description: Dog Poop Bag Holder
Model No.: PMB008
Shell material: 100% polyester air mesh
Gender: Dogs

Key features

✔️Easy & Quick Bag Dispenser

It is a portable leash bag except of dog poop bag holder. It is always designed for dog leashes , they are very easy and to use and refill .

With two loops made by durable woven tape and velcro closure . It is very simply pulling a dog poop bag out from a crossing ruber hole .

Nylon zipper closure and it could be put a new roll of bags into this doggie bag holder.

✔️Small Bag Large Storage

A big enough room to hold 1 or 2 rolls of dog poop bags, money, keys, and even dog treats.

✔️Open-air collection and vivid color-ways

Considering the softest and most comfortable air-mesh fabric, we expand and colorful this open-air collection,
1. open-air dog vest
2. open-air dog harnesses
3. open-air dog treat bag in 2 styles
4. open-air waist bag


* Softest Air-mesh

*Nylon zipper


Our Open — Air collection and color-way


*Oeko-tex 100 standard
*3D Virtual reality

Colorway :


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