New technology on dog cooling vest and reflective saftey dog coat

New post -our latest technology on dog cooling and reflective safety. 

 Reflective revolution in order to keep our best friends in the most safety.
Cooling materials revolution in order to offer our best friends the most comfortable wear.  

This brochure video shows us the explanation and our new products,

 they are a dog coat with phosphorescent material with reflective tape,

 this dog coat is with most comfortable stretch fabric with different colors;

 the cooling vest is with evaporative cooling materials protecting our best friend against heat stress.  

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pets products showing room by clawfort

Claw fort produce functional,well-fitting,high quality clothing for dog owners, dog clothes,harnesses and collars for dogs;high quality dog owner clothing collects everything you need for dog walking or dog training,dog sport gear for working with your dog during training or competitions . protect our dogs from cold and extreme conditions of the weather, pets product designed to provide comfort and functionality ,fabric and trimmings compliant with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and eco ,recyle .

we are very happy to offer you most colorful products ,they are

1.Women Outdoor Jacket/coat/vest/pants For Dog Train

2. Men Sports Jacket/coat/vest/pants For Dog Train

3. kids sports vest with backpack function for dog training

4. pet garments collar, leash, harness

8. safe gear accessories.

9.recycled pet wear rainwear, warm clothing

Warm Dog Sweater, Soft Pet Knitwear

New Arrivals *Warm ,soft and most comfortable dog sweater.

*High elasticity pet knitwear.

* Cute and elegant pattern.

*Unique and variety of light points to rich and colorfull this products for free choice. Key features

* Soft and good touching.This pullover is tightly knitted which can keep your pet warm in extreme weather like snowy days.

*This pet sweater for dogs is still with high elasticity .It allows you to put it on without much effort .

*Comfortable high neck design can keep your pet's neck warm as well. It is also highly stretchable , so our four-legged friends can walk or run freely without any uncomfortable. *Good and unique pattern , your cutie can be more adorable .